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Family vacationing is a part of American culture.  I have the fondest memories of traveling the great Southwest & Western states with my family as a little girl....all in a pop-up tent trailer.  We saw incredible sites that I will remember forever.  Just a small list of some of the many places I was privileged to see as a child:

~ Grand Canyon ~ Olympic Peninsula ~
~ San Diego ~ Four Corners ~
~ Redwood Forests ~ Lake Tahoe ~
~ Mt. St. Helens ~ San Francisco ~ 
~ Vancover, BC ~ Death Valley ~

Now, as a mom, I want to create tons of vacation memories for my children as well and I am constantly researching great places to take my family.  Some of the best resources I have found have been from fellow parents who have taken the vacations, experienced the fun (and challenges) and have great advice to give.

And that is where the inspiration for Are We There Yet Mom? came from.  This website is full of posts from YOU!  We feature your ideas, travel locations, tips to make the trips better, and any advice you have to give!  Posts range from your favorite camp site, to the ideal game to play on long car trips, to what to pack for a 2 week vacation (and 3 kids), and the best beach to take the family to.  

And being that I live full-time in the great state of Texas, you will find lots to do in Texas as well - Click here to find our most recent posts about Texas -  hopefully, you will find this as a great resource to plan a day trip with the family or a week long "stay-cation".

So, take your time and read through our site, subscribe to the feeds and come back often.  We hope you find your ideal vacation here and come back to share it with all of us! Sign up to receive email updates below!
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